The beautiful android Thandie Newton in Westworld, a 2016 American science fiction western thriller television series about human, android and robotic consciousness.
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You have a question
We have a pool of lawyers
A lawyer suggest a scope of the answer
We make a price
You agree
After paying the bill we order our lawyer to work out the answer
We email you the documents

Questions Robotlawoffice will respond to:
1 you have one or more robots operated in an environment where questions arise considering human-robot interaction, robot responsibility liability and insurance.
2 You are a robot or a robot-owner and you want to know your rights
3 You want to know when to blame your robot
4 Self-Test: What part of you is human, what part artificial?

Robotlawoffice has a R&D department you can be part of:
Investigating how to teach robots singing as a prerequisite of consciousness
Investigating robot humor as a prerequisite of intelligence
Investigating robot lying as a prerequisite for manipulative actions
Investigating robot laughing as a prerequisite for robot humor

2017 course robot law Amsterdam

Dutch Legal Tech : a platform for Legal Tech and Legal Innovation

A Brief History of Robot Law


European parliament calls for robot law, rejects robot tax
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